Download: Cleaned MailScanner Language Files – No more promoting Transtec

022nd May 2012IT, Server Stuff

I’m a big fan of MailScanner as a Virus & Spam filter on Linux servers when used with ClamAV. It’s free and quite effective, although I’ve always been bothered somewhat by the spam like message that’s attached to majority of the emails and warning messages automatically sent by MailScanner.

The line that reads “For all your IT requirements visit:” is both annoying and advertising another company that you or your company usually have no relationship with. The reason this line is in there is because TransTec sponsors MailScanner.

For web hosts and so forth it’s what I’d consider bad for business to be promoting another IT firm, so it’s wise to remove the promotion.

Each upgrade of MailScanner overwrites the previously edited Language files and brings back to life the Transtec message so I present a solution:

The English language files are stored at


Update: They’re now stored here:


To save you time and effort download the zip archive below containing all the .txt messages used by MailScanner for emails without the Transtec line.

DOWNLOAD: MailScanner v4.84.5 Clean Language Files (English) 12kb

Please note that each version of MailScanner will be different but there are usually very few changes to the language files. I’ll update the zip archive should the language files contain changes in future releases of MailScanner.

UPDATE July 2016:

MailScanner no longer ships with the TransTec line and appears to simply reference the name ‘MailScanner’ only. There is a html signature that contains a hyperlink to but I personally don’t have an issue with these. If you’re interested in it, it should be located at: /usr/mailscanner/usr/share/MailScanner/reports/en/inline.sig.html but it is worth supporting MailScanner as it’s a fantastic open source mail filter!

  • The above ‘clean’ language files are no longer needed unless you’re running an old install of MailScanner (just update it!)
  • I have left this post complete as first published, May 2012, for perusal as required.
  • The location of language files for MailScanner has changed and is listed above.

If you have any queries around MailScanner please contact me via the contact page and I’m more than happy to help with basic questions.

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