The Courier Paywall Bypass

118th Apr 2021Ramble

It would appear that the local rag has virtually pay walled their content.

I don’t read The Courier in any way shape or form really…. It is my view they are beating the ‘local rag’ drum far beyond worth and the sub standard, inaccurate and inexcusable bias this mob purvey is something I cannot support.

Well for the moment, you won’t have to support it either!

This will work on most other Australian Community Media / Fairfax pay walls across the country and is surprisingly easy to complete.


They use a service called for their content paywall system.

The solution is embarrassingly simple, just BLOCK

Full list of URL’s use:,,

I recommend that if possible you use your router’s firewall to block these and this way you will have restriction free access on any device.

You could even consider setting up an inexpensive ‘Pi-Hole‘ on your network with this howto guide.

The easiest method though…..especially for those who aren’t so tech savvy is to add the below URL to an Ad Blocker addon to your browser. uBlock, AdBockPlus & Ghostery are some for example that will enable you to blacklist specific URL’s, blacklist the piano domain as follows:


They may well fix this workaround and in such a case I am confident I will find another way to accessing it all. Reach out if this stops working, I don’t access very often so likely won’t realise if they fix it.

Edit Jul-2021: You will not see the login or subscribe buttons once enabling this. You may also use your adblocker in browser to block * Some changes since I published this – ad blockers are the key to success. I haven’t had time to further investigate other workarounds but blocking piano which give the overlay to subscribe and then an ad blocker like uBlock origin will keep you reading! Works on browser and mobile with ad blockers.

For those who really want to challenge paywalls there is a fantastic plugin for chrome available here: or Firefox here:

  1. fred (July 18, 2021, 7:16 pm). Reply

    thank you so much – i wont spend a cent with them but sometimes want to see something they report on so this help me.

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